"I won't say this to his face, but I think that Bill has no idea what a male role model he is for these girls. They don't need soft and caring and hugging all the time, they need tough love some of the time you can do this and he's right in their face and he's pushing them to the limits of what they can do."

A traditional belief in Mexican culture is that there are three stages of death. Rudimentarily recounted, the first stage is physical death, our last breath; the second is when our bodies are lowered into the earth; the third is the last time our name is spoken, when there is no one left to remember us.

Nelson Mandela, who is in some part of the first phase at present and will almost certainly never reach the third, was — among all the other things that made him one of the towering figures of the last century — a boxing fan. A frankly aberrant, avid and feverishly passionate boxing fan. Before he took up the fight against apartheid, which was the fight that defined his life and ensured his legacy, Mandela was a boxer himself. At this late moment in his life, everything about Mandela is both more poignant and more significant. His love for boxing, this elemental, self-defeating, vital and troubled sport, is no different.


For a fighting chance against disease, people will sometimes go to unlikely places -- even, it turns out, to the boxing ring. Our Cover Story is reported by Lesley Stahl of "60 Minutes":

Aaron Latham sparred with his boxing coach, Roberta Marongiu. "Gimme all you got, come on!" she said.

He -- and everyone else in the class -- has Parkinson's.

It's a progressive neurological disorder that affects nearly a million Americans. You don't hear about very many with the disease getting better.

"I think of Parkinson's as being the incredible shrinking disease," said Latham (who is also Stahl's husband). "It doesn't shrink itself. Parkinson's doesn't shrink. Parkinson's shrinks you."

Latham and his fellow Parkinsonians, aged 45 to 92, are part of a new program that aims to stop the shrinking, If not reverse it.


TRAVERSE CITY — Adonis Stevenson was the last boxer Emanuel Steward brought on at Detroit’s legendary Kronk Gym before Stewart’s death last October. And now, Stevenson is training in Traverse City to get ready for the biggest fight of his life. Stevenson — who goes by the nickname “Superman” — is the current WBC Continental Americas super middleweight title holder and is No. 4 in the International Boxing Organization computer rankings. 

Adonis Stevenson is preparing for a shot at the WBC Light Heavyweight World Championship. Stevenson is training at Trigger Boxing in Traverse City. Jeff Johnson stepped into the ring and got the story.

English: The threshold of credibility
TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan | Évoluant à l’ombre de Lucian Bute et Jean Pascal, Adonis Stevenson se trouve au seuil de la crédibilité grâce au combat de championnat du monde des mi-lourds de la WBC qu’il livrera au champion Chad Dawson, le 8 juin, au Centre Bell. 

TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan | Adonis Stevenson a vite appris du regretté Emanuel Steward et de son dauphin et neveu, Javan «Sugar» Hill. Le knock-out fait vendre la boxe. 

Boxers Adonis Stevenson and Johnathon Banks look plenty tough amid the hubbub of Trigger Boxing Gym in Traverse City, where they’ve been throwing punches around for the past few weeks, getting ready for the fights of a lifetime. So what’s it take to train a champion?

Le 9 septembre 2013 à 15h43 | TVA Sports En passant le K.-O. à Chad Dawson en 76 petites secondes le 8 juin dernier, Adonis Stevenson a réalisé son rêve de porter une ceinture de champion du monde. Le Québécois de 35 ans n’a toutefois pas l’intention de s’arrêter là, bien au contraire.


Passing KOs Chad Dawson to 76 small seconds on June 8, Adonis Stevenson has realized his dream of wearing a belt world champion. The Quebecers age 35, however, did not intend to stop there, quite the contrary.

Le 10 septembre 2013 à 17h23 | TVA Sports C’est dans un petit gymnase de Traverse City, au Michigan, que le boxeur québécois Adonis Stevenson a élu domicile depuis quelques semaines, pour son camp d’entraînement. Pour le propriétaire du Trigger Gym, Bill Bustance, la présence du Longueuillois de 35 ans représente quelque chose de bien spécial.


In English
It is in a small gym in Traverse City, Michigan, the Quebec boxer Adonis Stevenson took up residence for a few weeks for his training camp. For the owner of Trigger Gym, Bill Bustance, the presence of Longueuil 35 years is something special.

Le 10 septembre 2013 à 21h44 | TVA Sports Adonis Stevenson revient de loin, aux sens propre et figuré. Le boxeur originaire de Port-au-Prince, en Haïti, en a fait du chemin depuis qu’il a quitté son pays natal il y a maintenant 30 ans pour venir s’installer au Québec. Stevenson a donné un aperçu de son parcours hors du commun dans une entrevue à cœur ouvert avec la chaîne TVA Sports réalisée mardi durant son camp d’entraînement à Traverse City, au Michigan.


In English
Adonis Stevenson has come a long way since he left his native country there 30 years

TRAVERSE CITY — John Scott is a guy most people don't want to get hit by. Except maybe Bill Bustance. The owner of Trigger Boxing in Traverse City has taken a few shots while training the hulking Buffalo Sabres defenseman this summer. "I call him 'Vitali Klitschko on skates,'" Bustance joked, referring to the 6-foot-7 WBC heavyweight champion. "I tell him the only thing uglier than an MMA fight is a hockey fight," Bustance joked. "He's got a good nature. But he's patient like a boxer. He's got a good eye. We can even work with the same foot position so he can do it on skates."

September 9, 2014— Johnathon Banks is out to prove his critics wrong. Banks will take on former Olympian Antonio Tarver in a heavyweight fight Sept. 29 in Texas. Both are on the comeback trail, but perhaps more is at stake for the 32-year-old Banks, who is training at Traverse City's Trigger Boxing. 

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